Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy July 4th!

To all my friends & family in the US (both RL & SL)
I hope you have a fabulous Independence Day!

All over the grid there are tons of discounts & gifts that are themed accordingly to this holiday! I decided to blog a few different gifts from around the grid. Some new, some old regardless all awesome! I know it's a lot of pictures but that's what happens when there's so many cute options! Let the shopping & festivities begin!

Happy July 4th Blog Post July 4 2011
Hair: >TRUTH< Toko - crow
Skin: -Belleza- Belle Pale Bronzed Nudes
Outfit: *BOOM* 4th of July 2011 kini (freebie)
Pose: GLITTERATI - Beach Ballin' 4

Happy July 4th Gift July 4 2011
Hair: >TRUTH< Lulu - crow
Skin: -Belleza- Belle Pale Bronzed Nudes
Top - [PO] 4th Graphic T - white
Bottom - [PO] A01 Denim Shorts - dark indigo
Props/Furniture: : Fluid Furniture : { Patriotic } PicNic Table (free)

Happy July 4th Pic1 July 4 2011
Hair: [e] Charmed - Red 08
Skin: [ATOMIC] Skin_Faith_Honey - Patriotic (VIP Gift)
Top: [PO] 4th Graphic T - white
Bottom: [PO] A01 Denim Shorts - dark indigo
Shoes: ETD Shoes - Flip Flops (Color Change Straps and Sole)
Pose: Glitterati - Street Corner (only used one of the poses)
Props/Furniture - :: Awesome Blossom :: Patriotic Hanging Oar

Happy July 4th Flags! July 4 2011
*same as above except for the pose listed below*
Pose: Glitterati - U! S! A! freebie (used one of the poses - flag 2)

Happy July 4th Pic2 July 4 2011
*same as above except for pose listed below*
Pose: Glitterati - Headshot 5

Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy Canada Day!

To all the Canadian SLer's & their family and friends!

I know it's been a long while since updating this blog and posting new stuff from our virtual world for all of you but unfortunately RL comes first. Between family stuff & health stuff a girl can be quite busy. Lucky for you my life is less chaotic, my inventory is pretty much sorted except for a few things and there's lots of lovely things being released all the time!

For Canada day, the lovely Aranel Ah owner of *BOOM* has released a freebie for you all to celebrate no matter where you live you can still celebrate with us! The gift is a special version of her recently released Element Tank. As you can see below its got the national flag. Cute! Pick up your copy before it's gone & sorry that this is late (luckily it's not midnight in world lol)

Till next time, xoxox - Renee!

Happy Canada Day Blog July 1st 2011
Hair: >TRUTH< Toko - crow
Skin: -Belleza- Belle Pale Bronzed Nudes
Top: *BOOM* Canada Day 2011 Freebie
Bottom: *BOOM* Feel Free Shorts (favorite blue)
Outfit: /artilleri/ Renee Bikini *red* old hunt gift
Pose: GLITTERATI - Beach Ballin' 9

Canada Day Blog CloseUp July 1 2011
*same credits as above*

Monday, November 29, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

It's that time of year again!

In both lives, its past Thanksgiving and the cool weather is definitely here for some. It even brought us some snow, not that I'm a huge fan of it. But more importantly it's time for fun decorating woo hoo!

In RL on Saturday my family & I spent the day decorating our place. We did the lights on the porch which look super cute might I add, then we did the tree which turned out amazing this year. I mean every year our tree looks awesome but we also changed our color theme this year and got new decorations so it looks so pretty! Blue, Silver & White for those who are wondering lol

All over my Plurk time line I see people writing about how they have winterized/decorated in world and in their real lives. Some have even posted pics yay!

This weekend aside from sales in SL (some were great, others weren't but no biggie) I also made a new friend, cheered up a loved one, went snow boarding and snow sledding. I also sorted some inventory and messed up my parcel's landscaping. What can I say I'm a busy girl lol

Ok can it be Christmas now ? lol Oh wait I should probably decorate in world if I want SLanta to bring me presents. My list isn't thaat long though lol if he wants he can give me a job. Think I'd make a cute elf ? Who cares so long as I can shop after LOL I joke I joke! Ok time to get back to SL. Till next time, Keep Out of Trouble! xoxo


Thursday, September 2, 2010

My Little Black Dress!

Every girl needs at least one...

Whether it be for a night on the town, having fun at a club, or mingling with people at a soiree, every girl can count on that little black dress to make her look fabulous. When she enters, all eyes are on her. Best part is you can change your accessories and suddenly the dress can go from casual to fancy, or flirty to sexy. I chose to wear my Mischief Leather n Lace dress & had fun taking pics in my glamorous room courtesy of Mudhoney Designs!

So ladies, if you don't have one of these essential staples in your wardrobe, then stop reading this and go get one. You won't regret it!

Little Black Dress Blog Sept 2 2010
Hair: >TRUTH< Jess - crow
Skin: -Belleza- Belle Pale Amethyst Kisses
Outfit: **MIS** Leather n Lace Dress w/belt & lace bust (black)
Shoes: {Cherry} Classic Pumps - black
Pose: Glitterati - Model Pack 4 Pose 45
Props/Furniture: MudHoney Designs - Glam Girl Photobles

Thursday, August 12, 2010

So Much Style, Totally Priceless!

Totally inspired by great fashion & a mastercard commercial ha-ha!

Lately, I see many commercials listing prices of items and such in sequence following by something that makes life easier or in their words "priceless". So it got me thinking about all the great stuff we have in second life that can at times be hard on the wallet. Then there are also some amazing finds for cheap or free that can be just as nice as some of the full priced items we love. However, no matter if it was pricey or a total bargain, having your avatar look and feel beautiful = totally priceless!

Here is a great look created by full priced and bargain finds!

So Much Style Blog Post Aug 12 2010
Hair: >TRUTH< Jess - crow
Skin: -Belleza- Belle Pale Cotton Candy Kisses
Outfit: *katat0nik* (pink/pink) S&S Dress - Juicy Bday
Shoes: {Cherry} Classic Pumps - black
Pose: [LAP] - F-Blogger10-Primskirt PR4

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

She Wore An Itsy Bitsy Cute Bikini

It was an itsy bitsy teen weeny...

You know the rest of the song! If you don't then just look it up, it's kinda cute. I had this song in my head recently and it got me into a "fun in the sun" kind of mood so I went into my "closet" and dug out some of my favourite swimwear. It's from Whippet & Buck and I got the whole fatpack because you can't have just one color choice obviously ha-ha! I visited the beach and struck a pose to show off these cute bikinis. Lastly, there's a picture of this cute artilleri retro like bikini that my friend Chill gave me from the gacha festival. Now I'm off to soak in the sun some more. Have a fabulous time shopping for cute swimwear!

Itsy Bitsy Cute Bikini Blog July 28 2010
Hair: >TRUTH< Marguerite - crow
Skin: -Belleza- Belle Pale Bronzed Nudes
Outfit: [W&B] Frilly Little Set STRIPED PHOE
Pose: GLITTERATI - Swimsuit 6

Itsy Bitsy Cute Bikini Blog July 28 2010
*same as above except for pose listed below*
Pose: GLITTERATI - Swimsuit 10

Itsy Bitsy Cute Bikini Blog July 28 2010
Hair: >TRUTH< Marguerite - crow
Skin: -Belleza- Belle Pale Bronzed Nudes
Outfit: [W&B] Frilly Little Set MORNING HAZE
Pose: GLITTERATI - Swimsuit 8

Itsy Bitsy Cute Bikini Blog July 28 2010
Hair: >TRUTH< Marguerite - crow
Skin: -Belleza- Belle Pale Bronzed Nudes
Outfit: /artilleri/ Gatcha! Gatcha bikini *pink*
Pose: GLITTERATI - Swimsuit 7

Friday, July 9, 2010

Girlie Sailor

Ahoy Matey!

Today I was inspired by summer and nautical themed stuff. I rummaged through my inventory and found this cute dress I got in a hunt, that fit perfectly within my vision. From there I decided on a "Girly Sailor" type nautical look. I paired the dress with cute navy flats, a really sweet hair-do with a cute bow and added a bold red lipstick to add a splash of color. This look turned out better than I had imagined. Alright now this pretty lady is off to sail the virtual seas!

Girlie Sailor Blog Post July 9th 2010
Hair: >TRUTH< Nadia - crow
Skin: -Belleza- Belle Pale Silver Rubies
Outfit: Doppelganger Inc. ~ Scuttlebutt Dress old hunt gift
Shoes: ETD Buckle Ballet Flats (Navy)
Pose: Glitterati

Girlie Sailor Close-Up July 9th 2010
Hair: >TRUTH< Nadia - crow
Skin: -Belleza- Belle Pale Silver Rubies
Pose: Glitterati - Headshot - 5